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Affair of the Art


A view of the Art-O-Mattic showroom from behind a glass counter. There is an antique red lounge sofa from the victorian era in the center of the room. There are displat towers with art and small gifts aroung the floor of the room. ON the wall are a few dozen paintings displayed in floor to ceiling salon style.

For owners Shelley and Eric Arndt of Art-O-Maddic Gallery in downtown Canby, art simply makes life better.

“Numerous studies throughout history have shown communities that participate and promote the arts, such as murals, classes and events, have a significantly improved quality of life,” Shelley says. Art-O-Maddic customers and featured artists would agree.

Ownwers Shelley and Eric Arnd look happy posing for the camera. Shelley is holding a square canvas with the Art-O-Mattic "Mad Hatter" logo painted in watercolor.

Inside the vibrant space, 50-plus individuals show new works weekly. For the Arndts and their guests, the regular changing of inventory is what makes owning and visiting the store, respectively, an enjoyable experience. “We never know what our artists will come up with next.”

The Arndts are no strangers to art. Shelley’s been painting for more than three decades; Eric has been woodworking and taking nature photography over the past three years. Nevertheless, they don’t show their own work at Art-O-Maddic. “We just practice and play like everyone else,” Eric says. They opened the gallery in 2021 with the intention to showcase other artists, while offering a safe, creative space for residents to get out, take a class and/or find quality supplies from a local business.

A baby blue wall with several canvas painting humg in salon style display

The professional artists range in media — ceramics, metal, jewelry, painters, photographers, illustrators and more — and in age. The oldest artist is 74 years young, creating fine, detailed pen and ink drawings. The youngest, 15-year-old twins Kate and Natalie Boos, are skilled in several media, including acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink.

Initially, Art-O-Maddic represented artists mostly from Canby and the immediate area. Now in its second rotation, the roster features locals plus talent from Portland, as well as Washington, Texas, Wisconsin and Minnesota, the Arndts’ home state.

In 2020, they moved to Canby from the Midwest after vacationing in Astoria with their two sons. The family immediately fell in love with Oregon and ultimately Canby. They appreciated the city's genuine people, variety of locally-owned stores, fantastic places to eat and drink, farms for food, flowers and fun, and plenty of water and woods to enjoy. She notes, “We’re eternally grateful we found Canby.”

Artists, patrons of the arts and those curious about art are grateful the Arndts moved here, too. Art-O-Maddic helps elevate Canby’s appeal and truly enriches the community.



181 N. Grant Street, Ste. 107 Canby, OR 97013


Wed.–Sat., 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sun., 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

Phone: 503-266-2787


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