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Sweet Somethings


Who doesn’t love chocolate and the world of sweets? Owner Teresa Sasse of Puddin’ River Chocolates & Confections creates her mouthwatering, decadent delights with time, passion and the best ingredients.

Sasse’s career as a chocolatier started after a 10-year hiatus on eating sweets and one chocolate-making class, beginning as a hobby but growing into a passion that needed to be shared.

After taking more classes to learn all she could, Sasse started her business, where anyone and everyone can satisfy their sweet tooth with treats from this one-of-a-kind local treasure.

Puddin’ River imports their chocolate from Europe and then creates its own blends using three to four different types of chocolate.

There are no limits for Sasse and what she creates with chocolate. Her special blends not only create delicious chocolate desserts, but all kinds of sweets. One taste and you will be craving more. She focuses on keeping her products local and creates truffles and treats for local wineries and brew pubs, and sells her creations at several different local venues.

Puddin’ River will be a place that you don’t want to miss out on. Dark and milk chocolates are paired with more than 37 truffle flavors to create an extensive selection from which to choose, and the options extend far beyond truffles. From the different local wine and brewery options to bags of chocolate caramel popcorn, or having custom chocolate treats made, you’ll always find something to please. They even offer seasonally-themed confections, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect gift or treat for yourself. “There’s no personal favorite of mine, because they are all delicious,” says Sasse.

The saying goes, “Never trust anyone who doesn’t like chocolate.” If that’s the case, Sasse and her staff are extremely trustworthy. So head over and get your chocolate fix at Puddin’ River Chocolates & Confections.



1438 S. Ivy Street

Canby, OR 97013


Tues.–Fri., 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Sat., 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closed Sundays & Mondays

Phone: 503-263-2626


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